About Us

About Us

"As a genderqueer mathematician I find bias offensive on two fronts: It prevents people from being their best true selves and it leads to highly inefficient decision making. Let's do better, let's do fairer, let's combine science, tech, and DEI in a dream of a bias-free world."

Nemo D'Qrill – Founder and CEO at Sigma Polaris

How it started

Nemo’s vision

Nemo D’Qrill’s decision to create Sigma Polaris was inspired by some extraordinarily capable students which Nemo met during their academic career. Despite being exceptionally talented people who could bring transformation value to a workplace, these individuals struggled to find work due to current recruitment processes and biases.

Sigma Polaris - Nemo’s vision

Disrupt the employment market

Nemo saw a gap which could bring truly disruptive innovation into the employment market: the application of cutting edge AI-led profiling approaches and job suitability analysis to break unconscious bias and unlock a significantly greater range of career options for individuals.

Sigma Polaris - Disrupt the employment market

Unlock transformational change in recruitment

72.8% of employers are struggling to find skilled candidates, and lack of social mobility combined with systemic biases present a significant barrier to unlocking large pools of talent. Many recruitment processes are anachronistic, flawed, and impede economic growth. The recruitment sector must adapt if it is to become a force that enables social mobility and the levelling up agenda, and AI – applied well – can unlock transformational change in recruitment.

Sigma Polaris - Unlock transformational change in recruitment

How it’s going

Sigma Polaris uses state-of-the-art AI profiling technology, refined with experts from the Universities of Bristol and Copenhagen, to understand candidates’ strengths and aptitudes, and shortlist for a particular role.

It addresses bias around perceived suitability of a candidate: Our platform presents strong candidates that may not have the background that the employer expects. It also allows companies to widen their talent pool by dropping any potentially biased requirements around experience and education.

Sigma Polaris - How it’s going

Our mission

Prevent 100,000+ cases of bias by 2023

Core team

Nemo D'Qrill

CEO & Founder

Danish-born Nemo D’Qrill is a polymath who has won debates with Nobel prize-winners in economics, been invited to speak at the world congress of philosophy in Beijing, was in the Olympic selection process for Judo, worked as professional flautist for the Danish Queen, debated immigration policies with ministers, survived a shipwreck in the north sea, and fought with fencing masters across Japan.

Nemo has a broad academic background spanning mathematics, rationality theory, behavioural economics, philosophy, and logic.

Sigma Polaris | Nemo D'Qrill

Kate Quince

Head of Marketing & BD

Strategic marketing & client services specialist; former global senior BD and marketing manager in professional services and the legal sector.

Originally from Kiribati and the UK, Kate was born in Ghana, raised in Belgium and Fiji, lives in Portugal, and likes to see herself as a “citizen of the world” (don’t tell Theresa May).

Sigma Polaris | Kate Quince

Pedro Fernandes

Head of Marketing & Sales

Seasoned startup professional, experienced marketing hardware and software products, B2B and B2C, in Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia.

Pedro would love to explain why he prefers to play 10-8 off suit than pocket Jacks.

Sigma Polaris | Pedro Fernandes

Advisory board

Ethan started his career in the hospitality space graduating from Shannon College of Hotel Management in Ireland and from there on found his passion in recruitment and sales.

Currently leading the sales and marketing recruitment practice at Ingenio a specialist SaaS recruitment agency, Ethan spends his days speaking with the top SaaS leaders across the world and helping them find the best talent in the world!

Adam started his working life in a no-chance band, before spending three years at Victoria station selling tickets. He discovered that he could both program and write, so became a technical journalist and author. He ended up at Microsoft in the US for 25 years, working on software that – literally – touched the lives of billions of people. Mostly positively 😊.

Upon retirement in 2017, he returned to the UK and helps startups learn to scale.

Sam was previously joint CEO of Seccl Technology, a fast growing Fintech. Prior to that he was at the Octopus Group for 6 years working on innovation, new product development, strategy and early stage investing.

He is passionate about fintech and the role that technology can play in opening access to financial services, and championed both digital education and diversity through initiatives like the Seccl Digital Bootcamp and the API Academy.

Selina has worked with a diverse set of companies from start-ups to global multi-billion dollar firms. Retired recently from Deloitte, Selina now spends her time advising executives on strategy and governance matters.

She is an Innovator-in-Residence at Lepage Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and serves on the Tulane University Business School Council.

Tom is currently Vice President, Transformation Office at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, where he leads the global as-a-service transformation of HPE. Prior to HPE, Tom was Chair of Vodafone’s South West business and also Head of HR for the UK B2B segment. Tom worked at Vodafone for 8.5 years and previously was a management consultant for 10 years leading multinational organisational transformation assignments.

Tom has a post-graduate degree in Occupational Psychology and is passionate about building the most capable and diverse teams. A wannabe pro-surfer, Tom is also a voluntary Director of Surfing England, the sports national governing body.

Anne previously co-founded a SaaA platform, Visionogy, that developed a patented technology that automates the content creation through the aid of AI. Prior to that, she was an impact investment analyst for Shaper Impact Capital and was involved with strategy and innovation for companies such as Hilton, Netflix and Imagination London. She is passionate about technology and its power to help change the world for the better.

She is a Cambridge University MBA and a former Cambridge University Technology and Enterprise Club committee member.

Global investment specialist; senior investment analyst